Personal Homepage of Quentin Ehret

PhD Student in Mathematics

I am a PhD student in mathematics of the Université de Haute-Alsace under the supervision of Pr. Abdenacer Makhlouf.

I am member of the team "Algèbre et Géométrie" (Algebra and Geometry) of the Departement of Mathematics of the Institute IRIMAS.

Adress: Institut de Recherche en Informatique, Mathématique, Automatique et Signal, Département de Mathématiques, 18 rue des frères Lumière, 68093 Mulhouse ( here ).

E-mail: quentin[dot]ehret[at]uha[dot]fr

Here is my CV (May 2023).

Here is my profile on researchgate.

I speak French (mother tongue), English (professionnal and colloquial) and German (intermediate).

NEWS : The first edition of the MAThEOR Days will happen! More informations about this scientific meeting between PhD students and young researchers of Alsace and the surroundings will come soon!

My PhD Thesis is entitled "Study and Deformations of Lie-Rinehart (super)algebras in positive characteristic".

My scientific interests lie mainly in the domain of non-associative algebras, with a focus on restricted Lie and Lie-Rinehart (super)algebras over fields of positive characteristic.

One of the main goals of my research is to study the structure theory of these algebra as well as their formal deformations and extensions through the use of suitable cohomology.

The above diagram represents the first terms of the restricted complex of cochains in the case where the restricted Lie algebra L is abelian.