Real Analytic Geometry and Trajectories of Vector Fields
from 08/06/2015 to 12/06/2015 at CIRM

    The trajectories of real analytic vector fields are transcendental in general. However their geometry is often “tame”. In recent years there has been substantial progress in understanding of the qualitative properties of trajectories of real analytic (and more general) vector fields by a large variety of geometric methods, such as: resolution of singularities, classification of real analytic function germs, stratifications and conormal geometry, gradient flow, ridge and valley lines, semi-algebraic and o-minimal geometry, and also by more analytic approaches such as: quasi-analytic classes, (pseudo)abelian integrals, formal series and asymptotic analysis, non-linear analysis, resurgent methods and resummation processes. 
    The main goal of this meeting is to reunite the experts coming from different approaches, and the young researches, from our ANR project as well as the ones outside this project, to provide ground for the exposition of important recent results obtained during our ANR project, presentation of the underlying methods and free discussions. 


Scientific Committee